Looking for a team?....Then please contact the relevant manager below!

These teams are actively looking for players to join them immediately. Please contact the relevant team manager for more information and come and play for the only All-Girls Football Club in North Hertfordshire!

U7`s & 8's  Manager: Hywel Davies - Mobile: 07833 541400, Email:  davieshc@yahoo.co.uk

U9's  Manager:          Hannah Maxwell- Mobile: 07748705857, Email: hannahandy@sky.com

U10's  Manager:         Stuart Nellis - Mobile: 07753 891656, Email: snellis@hotmail.co.uk

U11's  Manager:         Gary Carr - Mobile: 07976 599726, Email: garyccarr@yahoo.co.uk

U13`s Manager:          Tina Court - Mobile: 07986 652934, Email: tinacourt7@gmail.com

U14`s Manager:          Terry White - Mobile: 07768 982157, Email: terry.white01@btinternet.com

U15`s Manager:          Simon O'Leary - Mobile: 07765 638020, Email: simonoleary@hitchinbelles.com

U17`s Manager:    Laurence Jack - Mobile: 07825 095487, Email: laurencejack@hitchinbelles.com 

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